Python OOPs



What is Python Programming?

Python is a general-purpose, interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language. It was created by Guido van Rossum, and first released on 1991. Python is Open Source and easy to learn. Its code is shorter than other programming languages. It is a cross-platform language. Its works on different platforms like windows, Linux, etc. Python can be used to make Desktop Application and web applications. Python is also used in Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Game Development.

Hello World Program in Python

This example shows, how to print 'Hello World' in Python Programming.

print('Hello World!')

Features of Python

There are many features in Python language. We have listed a few essential features.

  • Easy to Learn
  • Free and Open Source
  • Portable language
  • Object Oriented Language
  • High-Level Language
  • Interpreted Language
  • Extensible : we can some Python code into in C or C++ language.
  • Extensive Libraries : Python has a large standard library

Python Applications

We have listed some real-world Python applications.

  • Web Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Embedded Applications
  • Game Development
  • Desktop GUI
  • Web Scraping Applications
  • Data Science and Data Visualization
  • Operating Systems
  • CAD Applications